Oliver begins the phase by dissing present-day entrepreneurs for lazily “tenting out on Twitter [and] spamming regardless of the present sizzling meme is”—he singles out manufacturers together with Chips Ahoy, Pringles, Cap’n Crunch and Pop-Tarts—after which praises the unlikely efforts of 7-Up, Cheetos and Pepsi to achieve “the youth” with elaborate video video games again within the ’90s. He additionally throws in an prolonged take a look at Chex Quest, a first-person shooter sport from, sure, Chex, the breakfast cereal model that additionally tries to place itself as a celebration snack.

“The purpose right here is, snack meals ought to tweet much less and make video games extra,” Oliver declares close to the top of the phase, earlier than graciously providing up free branded online game concepts for Chips Ahoy, Orville Redenbacher, SpaghettiOs and Chef Boyardee.