Google shouldn’t be your buddy, it’s a instrument.

It’s been 2,702 days since they shut down Google Reader and folks nonetheless remember.

Or take into account that Google can shut you out of all their providers with no recourse or attraction attainable. All of your knowledge, photographs, calendars, emails… gone.

However sure, you possibly can again up your knowledge. Do it at the moment…

Go to this page to start out the method. It’s free. Hopefully, you’ll by no means want it. Press a number of buttons and again up your knowledge to a cloud service in order that it’s in two locations–This could occur robotically, however because it doesn’t, it’s price doing.

The web was initially designed as a resilience machine, designed to heal itself and work round interruptions. And the essence of it was a distributed, peer-to-peer community that labored exactly as a result of it was open. As knowledge is hoarded, manipulated and monetized, that authentic intent has been turned the wrong way up.

Resilient programs don’t must pattern towards monopoly. In reality, it’s higher after they don’t. And don’t neglect to backup your knowledge.

[PS the post from earlier today was skewed by homonyms. Thanks to alert readers for pointing it out… sorry about missing it, but the metaphor is still worth thinking about.]