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I’m sorry to put in writing a lot about shedding pounds. I promised folks I might write just a few posts about this and I wished to cowl consuming, psychological sport, measurement, what gear I’ve used, sleep, water consumption / monitoring, and so on. So I’ve just a few extra posts to go after which I promise to cease filling up your display screen with posts about me or about weight reduction / well being acquire. I’m linking here to the first post if you haven’t read it already.

Just a few folks having requested me to “quick ahead” and provides the entire reply extra rapidly. I’ve an answer. Over the previous few months just a few folks have requested me, “How did you do it? Will you share your suggestions?” So I had an electronic mail I might ship them. It’s not written to be weblog worthy, excellent prose or deep with insights. I simply wished to get one thing out the door so please forgive me if I simply publish it as is, unedited.

What you’ll discover under is that there’s no “silver bullet” …. it’s principally about having a plan, executing towards the plan each day, measuring your outcomes and adjusting the plan or execution in case your outcomes aren’t exhibiting what you need.

My electronic mail ….


1. Solely recording & monitoring energy makes any actual distinction. I log each day on MyFitnessPal. I eat no matter I would like however persist with 1,800 “internet” energy that means I can eat extra if I train. I do higher after I prohibit gluten however I strive to not maintain myself to that since I want gradual and regular. It took me a full yr to drop 60. MFP will let you know based mostly in your peak / weight / weight-loss targets. What you eat issues 10x greater than train. The instance I give folks — a tough 30 minute train burns 300–350 energy. Most 450 or so. A bagel with cream cheese is 350. It’s far simpler to chop out a “bagel” a day than to train laborious for half-hour. If you are able to do each you’re optimistic by 700 energy! However reducing out pointless consuming is all that issues.

2. I measure myself each morning it doesn’t matter what. It forces me to be accountable for yesterday’s actions. I exploit a Withings so it auto-imports into MyFitnessPal. I don’t beat myself up over one unhealthy morning or two however I don’t cease measuring if I’ve a nasty day or unhealthy week as a result of that’s a slippery slope.

3. I strive for each day train it doesn’t matter what. Even a stroll. I gamify myself. I determine I at all times wish to eat greater than 1,800 energy so if I stroll and burn even 250 energy I can eat a little bit extra that day. Some weeks I felt like dropping extra weight so I might do some exercise and nonetheless solely eat 1,800 however that’s provided that I need a huge progress week or two. It’s fairly powerful for me.

4. For train I follow the next guidelines
* Consistency > Period > Effort
* Consistency: Each day. I began with strolling targets then obtained into Peloton so I had biking targets. Then after I misplaced I might jog extra so I blended these up and with mountain climbing. Then I obtained into swimming. I had good base athletic skills simply not consistency so after I obtained consistency every little thing improved. Usually I used to be burning 700–1,200 energy / day. That’s laborious to do. Thus, my recommendation in #1 above — solely consuming higher actually issues if you wish to misplaced weight.
* Period: I began with 30-min workouts each day. Then I used to be in a position to get to 45. Then 60. Now I can bike, run, stroll, hike for 90 minutes at a time in any sport and really feel superb afterwards. That took a full yr.
* Effort: The principle coach I experience on Peloton says the largest mistake folks make it making an attempt too laborious in every train however with out frequency or length you don’t make constant change to your physique. He pushes that you simply make consistency & length commitments earlier than turning into obsessive about how laborious every exercise is. As soon as I mastered the primary two then I began holding myself accountable to this by way of Strava.
* I strive when attainable (2–3 instances / week) to stroll after dinner even when I already labored out that day. Large enchancment for me in digestion and enhancing sleep.

5. Consuming
– Portion management is the largest hack. Smaller parts of meat, smaller parts of sides like rice.
– Have wholesome snacks prepared so once you attain for one thing you don’t make unhealthy decisions. As you’ll see under for me this was DailyHarvest but in addition a tablespoon of humus or a tablespoon of peanut butter. Typically I order Sweetgreen and order 2 salads so I’ve for right this moment and for tomorrow. I order a facet of rooster, which is small and 130 energy so I’ve protein to succeed in for reasonably than high-calorie nuts or vitality bars
– Alcohol — virtually zero. I often have 2–3 drinks per MONTH. If I drink I solely have separately. It’s not a lot in regards to the energy for me however in regards to the “permissiveness” — after I drink alcohol I make worse decisions (like — one chocolate chip cookie gained’t damage! … then it turns into 3. Reducing massively down on alcohol will clearly assist)
– I attempt to eat smaller quantities at any sitting and particularly strive to not eat an excessive amount of within the AM or hitting targets turns into tougher
– I made minor tweaks to EVERYTHING that grew to become habits. I drink solely black espresso (why waste energy on milk?). I used to have milk & sugar or sweetener. 2 weeks in black turns into a behavior
– If I eat bread I ended placing on butter. I switched to raisin bread if I eat as a result of it’s candy so doesn’t require butter
– I lower out most purple meat however I’m not 100% strict. It’s simply so many extra energy. I go for rooster (or higher fish) after I can.
– I measure most every little thing. Particularly issues like rice the place I’m vulnerable to eat 4x the conventional portion. Measuring makes you are feeling such as you’re weight-reduction plan, positive, which sucks. But it surely makes you extra accountable to actual parts then your habits adjusts.
– I eat numerous Every day Harvest (freezer is crammed). I exploit vanilla unsweetened Almond Milk in smoothies. They’re low in energy (on a relative foundation) and fill you up. Typical smoothie is about 350 energy and have tons of contemporary (frozen) fruit and greens. I discovered that by consuming these with almond milk I ended up MASSIVELY lowering my each day consumption each day. I’ve some cheese however very restricted. Not by faith however by behavior. I feel that’s been wholesome for me. They’ve nice oat bowls which might be excessive in carbs (I don’t care, low carb isn’t maintainable) however have zero gluten. They’ve acquire bowls for afternoons. These are much less tasty however are good with grains and often 400 energy or so. I usually add both sliced rooster or beef or pork or I’ll put two fried eggs on.
– Within the early days of shedding pounds I ate 4 egg whites scrambled with 1 actual egg many mornings and chucked in bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and so on. This crammed me up within the morning and 4 egg whites is 100 energy + 1 egg is 75 and the remaining is free. Over time I grew to become much less obsessed and began consuming 3 actual eggs both fried or blended with veg. 3 regular eggs actually fill me up within the AM (225 energy is nothing) and I discovered I didn’t must eat the rest within the AM till lunch.
– There may be the insidious nature of “simply 300 energy” per day and why measurement (see under) issues a lot. Typically I eat 2 “100 calorie” popcorn baggage after dinner. Then 2 popsicles (60 energy every). It appears like such a small cheat for all of my progress. However truthfully if you consider it, if I do “simply 300” an evening that’s 2,100 / week. So it’s like consuming 8 days / week reasonably than 7. After I lower out these small cheats within the night — even the small ones — Weight falls off of me. 300 energy additional / day issues.
– I developed a psychological hack. Within the early night I eat sugar free gum. I’ve a psychological rule. If I eat gum I’m not allowed to eat any extra meals for the day. So I get flavors I like (Pineapple, lemon, watermelon, cinnamon) and I find yourself consuming 4–5 items within the night. Partly I just like the style however it’s principally a psychological reminder to myself to not eat any extra for the evening.

6. Measurement & Accountability
– As you will note from above, the primary factor for me about every little thing was / is “you handle what you measure” so I needed to quantify every little thing / gamify most and have accountability (first to myself, then to an accountability associate).
– Measure = scale each AM, what I eat each day (with MyFitnessPal you could have a barcode scanner so it’s simpler than you suppose) and the way a lot I train. If my weight went up I might be considerate in regards to the final 3 days habits and discovered issues like “figuring out 3x extra however consuming 3x extra doesn’t lose ANY weight whereas figuring out regular however limiting what I eat a bit and the load falls off me.”
– I used to solely be accountable to myself as a result of I used to be too embarrassed to speak about weight and the truth that I hated how a lot I weighed. Over time I challenged my brothers to shed some pounds and my little brother specifically I might ship him a weekly screenshot of how I did (I didn’t even share with my spouse) and he would share with me. We challenged one another and I agreed to donate to a charity if he’d hit his objective and if he didn’t he needed to donate to Trump 🙂 … we simply made it a sport. However being accountable to an exterior individual is an enormous deal. I’m now serving to 4–5 different folks with weekly accountability texts (even when I don’t know their weight then inform me “I misplaced 0.5 lbs this week or I stayed flat, and so on).
– Extra not too long ago I used to be making an attempt to assist a VC buddy lose 15. I challenged him to hit a weight goal by Oct twentieth — 30 days out so in return I made a dedication to him to lose 2 extra kilos (I solely have 4–5 to go to hit my closing weight goal however I’m already at my highschool / faculty weight). Making a dedication and sending him my progress each week has pressured me to make higher selections though I’m already in an excellent place!

7. Sleep
– I at all times took not sleeping as an indication of delight / energy. No extra. That’s silly. I notice how necessary it’s each for muscle restore (as I train extra) and for thoughts restore.
– I purchased an Oura Ring and now maintain myself accountable to nightly sleeping targets. Similar as with weight I discovered what affected my sleep. Caffeine stops at 12pm. I strive to not eat late at evening (attempt to lower off at 8pm newest). I strive to not drink alcohol a lot and if I do I strive to not late at evening. I lower off my electronic mail at 10pm and DO NOT examine it afterwards (or I get up within the evening). I’ve a sleeping masks and ear plugs by my mattress and solely use within the AM when it turns gentle out. This helps me get a further 45–60 minutes within the AM
– I discovered that almost all “deep sleep” is between 11pm — 2am and most REM sleep is 5am — 8am for me. I want at the least 1 hour, 20 minutes of every to completely recharge. Deep sleep = muscle restore and REM sleep equals mind restore. I used to be strolling up at 5am-5:30am for 20+ years and I feel my mind was by no means stress-free. I used to be getting 5–6 hours / evening and I now usually get 7+ hours. I strive to not watch information at evening, solely both drama unrelated to right this moment’s information or sports activities or I learn. I now monitor what number of instances I get up at evening (the fun of being an previous man!) and thus lower out massively how a lot liquid I drink after 6pm (principally I restricted how a lot water I drink at dinner).
– Sleep enchancment has truly been one of the vital useful issues for me. I’m extra rested, extra calm and have much less ADD signs. After I’m rested I’m more likely to not cheat on consuming or train.

So, that’s it.

Hope that helps. If something the one factor that actually issues is beginning. 1 day turns into 3 turns into 7 turns into 30. However you already know that.


Photograph by Brooke Lark on Unsplash