There is perhaps a 100% correlation between what you do and what you get and what you need (should you’re attempting to coach for the hundred-meter sprint.)

Something that makes you go quicker is correlated with the objective, which is successful the race.

Alternatively, being humorous isn’t at all times correlated with being a wealthy and well-known comic. Being the funniest is just not the identical in comedy as being the quickest is in sprinting.

And most of what we spend our time on is nearer to comedy than it’s to sprinting. The issues we consider are essential, helpful or ethical usually are not at all times associated to the metrics that {the marketplace} focuses on.

That’s partly as a result of we’re not being in contrast utilizing one thing so simple as a stopwatch. And it’s as a result of what different individuals search out may not match what we expect is the purpose of the work.

It’s essential to determine whether or not the factor you need to accomplish is correlated with the efficiency that some think about it is perhaps.

For lots of us, that’s harder than it sounds.