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Give your house a total kitchen remodelling by contacting Phil Puccio of Puccio Construction Management. We will enable you to enjoy that special time with friends and family in a cozy, enjoyable atmosphere. With our expert design team and a well-built strategy, we will transform your kitchen into a warm and inviting place to prepare yourself with some freshly baked bread or a tasty cocktail. Whether you want a contemporary feel with a sleek new kitchen or a country retreat with a retro kitchen, we’ll build it for you.phil puccio construction management

From kitchen remodel to a total bathroom makeover, the Puccio Construction Management Team, led by Philip Puccio Jr., has it all. From the initial concept to the project’s finish, we have experts who are more than ready to work with you. Our skilled designers will plan your project from start to finish, using the right cabinets, countertops, flooring, lighting, furniture and fixtures for any design need. From new construction to remodelling, from small to large projects, we have every type of contractor to choose from, including commercial, residential, mobile, industrial, custom and more.

Phil Puccio – Puccio Construction Management, LLC

Whether you are considering a complete gutters system, new kitchen cabinets or a complete bathroom makeover, Puccio Construction Management has the experts to provide the right products to get the job done right. Whether you need cabinet refacing or new kitchen cabinet fronts, we have everything you need. No matter what kind of construction management service you need, whether you need an engineer’s consultation, a civil engineering review or a design review, we have the resources to help you. Whether your major kitchen remodelling project includes new flooring, new appliances, new walls and ceiling, new kitchens, new bathrooms, garage flooring, new roofing, sewer cleanouts, septic tank replacement or re-roofing – no matter what your needs, we can help.

Renovations Performed By Phil Puccio’s Team

Many of our project management and construction management services include a pre-construction checklist, available via online resources, that allows you to manage and coordinate every aspect of your remodel. This checklist helps to ensure the completion of all necessary steps before the grand opening. From coordinating design-build coordination to pre-construction scheduling and permitting, our experienced contractors can help you throughout the entire design/build process. Most of Puccio Construction Management project management services also include a pre-lease review and negotiation services that can reduce the legal headaches associated with leasing an RV or motorhome. In addition, we have a comprehensive fair housing policy designed to ensure that your investment in an R-Pod is a secure and profitable one.

Many homeowners prefer to hire general contractors instead of management companies like those founded by Philip Puccio, leaving them open to costly mistakes and delays in completing projects. General contractors are an experienced group of individuals who are well trained and skilled at managing projects of all sizes. In addition to hiring experienced professionals, homeowners should also invest in the tools necessary to make sure they hire the right people for the job, such as comprehensive inspections of their facilities and work areas. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the last thing you want is for a well-trained contractor to come into your home and leave with your new appliances and fixtures, only to have to pay more because he did not use the correct tool to fix them.