The best response to suggestions is, “thanks.” Or maybe, “that’s an important level.” Even when it’s not your job to alter the system, or not your fault that issues didn’t work as anticipated, each of those responses are legitimate and helpful.

Suggestions is a present. It lets you realize exactly what the opposite individual needs or wants. After you obtain the reward, it’s as much as you to just accept it or not. However shutting down suggestions with an argument or by showing ungrateful makes it much less probably you’ll be provided it once more. And for those who’re getting suggestions from a buyer or a prospect, shutting it down makes it probably that they’ll stroll away and take their consideration and their belief someplace else.

Once you say, “no downside,” you’re letting your self off the hook, refusing to acknowledge what was stated and shutting the door for a helpful interplay. As a result of there is an issue. Exploring what the issue is is much better than denying it.