Sufferers with high-risk r/r follicular lymphoma are a definite subset that has progressively shorter responses and shorter survival with every subsequent line
of therapy—making it crucial to determine them as early as attainable. Nonetheless, this isn’t a set of sufferers that medical doctors assume to search for. Enter: The Hazard Lurking marketing campaign. A totally computer-generated marketing campaign, this initiative options sufferers calmly residing their lives, sitting in chairs sinking in quicksand. They don’t know the hazard they’re in as a result of they’ve been reassured by their medical doctors that they’re out of hazard. Arresting and fast, the sinking chairs spotlight the sufferers who can get dangerously ignored. As well as, each pixel was created by pc, because of the necessity of avoiding any photoshoots throughout the pandemic. No inventory images was used; each wrinkle and slipper had been designed.